24 January 2009

SAPL 23 Things: Cosa Numero 9

Okay, now we're really getting rolling. Yeah!

So in terms of RSS feeds a la 23 Things, I can honestly say that I'm having a grand time with Wowbrary's presence on both my iGoogle homepage and my new Google Reader account. I've been a huge fan of Wowbrary ever since a colleague shoved it down my throat, and that's because it's AMAZING! Well, now I can view each entry, item by luscious item, through my Reader. If I had doubts about using Google Reader before, they're gone now, because I really am obsessed with Wowbrary. And really, could they have found a more lame name than "Wowbrary"?

But I digress.

I'm not entirely convinced that DailyLit is for me. I've long realized that I read books but I skim websites. Something about the screen's brightness... or maybe knowing that I have so much information in front of me... It's just too much. So I have signed up for DailyLit because I might enjoy Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (in 37 installments) or some of Rudyard Kipling's stories, like How the Leopard Got His Spots. I have a special place in my heart for Rudyard Kipling since my mother was such a fan.