30 August 2007

Introduccion de la TeenBibliotecaria: Here I am!

I'm Violeta Garza, a multi-lingual twentysomething aspiring librarian who just kinda fell into the profession. Still, I'm convinced this is what I want to do with my set of skills and experiences.

I'll be finished with my MLS in May of '08, and I'd be thrilled if I got to work at a young adult department of a public library. Although, I wouldn't mind working at any library. I have extensive experience working in the following library settings:
  • Public
    • Circulation
    • Reference
    • Teen
  • Academic
    • Circulation
    • Reference
    • Archives
    • Interlibrary Loan
    • Cataloging
    • Documents
  • Law
This blog shall be my touchstone for pictures of my library travels, tales of my library experiences, and reviews of books I come across. Do we really need another librarian blog? Maybe not, but I am definitely desirous of establishing my place as a library rock star!

More to come as time allows, since I'm working full-time, taking nine hours, and enjoying the bliss that is married life. Ah, the sweetness!