03 August 2009

YA Lit:: Twitter chats on Tuesdays

Sometimes people love young adult literature so much that they want to gobble it up like No Face in the Hayao Miyazaki film 千と千尋の神隠し (or, as it's known here, Spirited Away). Nom nom nom.

Are you a writer or "writer-to-be" of teen fiction? Then invigorate yourself with the #kidlitchat conversation on Twitter. According to the very follow-able Inkygirl (@inkyelbows), every Tuesday you can join in on a conversation on literature that ranges from board books all the way up to YA lit. It is a moderated chat with actual topics of conversation and everything. All you have to do is show up-- even if it's in your 10-year-old jammies that have been washed so much they're practically see-through.

If you are curious after the conversations are over, you're in luck because you can easily get a transcript of the whole thing, thanks to Monsieur @gregpincus.

I have not yet taken part in this but it doesn't seem like it's too late to start!

Every Tuesday starting July 21st

  • PST: 6 pm
  • MST: 7 pm
  • CST: 8 pm
  • EST: 9 pm
Thanks to nausicaa.net for this wonderful pic of Chihiro and No Face.