20 October 2008

Road Map:: San Antonio, TX

Yes, I haven't been posting lately, but that's because I'm finally a full-fledged librarian. And I'm uber busy! I love it!

I was told that within 3 months, some of the shine would wear off. Ha ha. While there have been some very difficult times-- ones I was not necessarily prepared for-- I'm still very much in love with this profession. More on that later.

I now present to you my latest library jumpy travails through the city.

a) Memorial Branch Library
San Antonio, Texas 10.13.08

This library is right in front of St. Mary's University and its patron base is mainly Hispanic. If you're a teen and long for chess tournaments in your community, this is the place to go.
b) Great Northwest Branch
San Antonio, TX 10.13.08

Here is yet another highly active branch-- one I was not familiar with due to its distance from my neighborhood. Alas we went on a Monday morning, when it was closed, so I was not able to partake in the viewing of library services here. Maybe next time.

b) Edmund Cody Branch
San Antonio, TX 10.13.08

This is one of 3 public libraries in San Antonio with its very own full-time teen librarian. There is a focus here not just on teens but tweens-- something that SA has been lacking thus far. A highlight from this visit was the banned books display. I've seen many of these but never one complete with a poster on why certain books were challenged.

More to come when my internet at home goes back up!

Muchos abrazos y besitos a todos!