29 January 2009

YA Lit:: 999 Reading Challenge

I love making lists. Filling them out and-- *drool*-- crossing them out. I'm all about a sense of accomplishment.

For those of you who also crave a little structure you may think about taking up the 999 Reading Challenge. No, you don't need to read 999 books. You are, however, encouraged to read 9 books in 9 categories in '09. You know, if a similar challenged had been cooked up back '01, I would sooo have been there.

So here are the categories I'll be sure to revisit later in the year:

9 teen books with multicultural characters
9 teen award-winners
9 graphic novels
9 blogs
9 webcomics
9 Overdrive audiobooks
9 picture books
9 non-fiction books
9 titles I never thought I'd read

What might yours be?