27 January 2009

SAPL 23 Things: Cosa Numero 19

Wow. So apparently everyone can be Rachael Ray.

I'm Cooked is the first place winner by Web 2.0 Award in the food category. You can share recipes and even videos of you cooking up a storm. Of note are the videos by "muscle meals." He is prolific and, man, does he love to be seen wearing a muscle shirt. I suppose it's his shtick. He has a recipe for goat cheese po... I'm salivating so much I can't even type it. Goat. Cheese. Polenta. *drool*

A while back, one of our librarians at our department hosted vegetarian cooking classes for our teens. I can see how she could have filmed herself and participants could have gone over her "performance" on a computer if she had an account with I'm Cooked.

I love that it's like Goodreads but with recipes. There is something powerful about a site that allows you to amass your own posse.