04 March 2009

YA Lit:: 2009 Tayshas Reading List

When the idea of becoming a librarian was barely a twinkle in my eye, I remember having a conversation with a young adult librarian. She told me she was on a reading committee and received boxes of books on a near constant basis. How glamorous!

Seriously, Perez Hilton can have his funky hair and his celebrity sightings. I'd rather be in my grotty capris at home, dreaming about boxes of free books. (Some of which I wouldn't actually read to the end, but still.)

So I asked her, with *such* glee: "Are you on the Printz committee?" She said no, she was on the Tayshas committee. I didn't even know how to spell that when she said it.

They basically compile a reading list of various current books for Texas high school students. Out of the 69 books on this year's list, I've only read 4. Four! Ah, the shame.

These include:

Alexie, Sherman. Flight.
Friedman, Aimee. Breaking Up.
Green, John. Paper Towns.
Kim, Derek Kirk. Good as Lily.

Wow. Does this mean I need to get cracking?