12 March 2009

Random:: Nothing in particular...

Mind if I share my racing thoughts?
summer reading oh my GOD and i'm totally in love with rilo kiley more than ever and i need to finish this book before tonight but i haven't even touched it even though i've been really enjoying it plus i have a downloaded book that i've been meaning to listen to but i'm also all over my podcasts and oh i wanted to check out the how stuff works blog. or blah-oog, as i like to call them. and we've done the best that we could to advertise this author visit and i really REALLY hope it pays off especially the workshop and i hope she's not disappointed and did i mention that i've also been enamoured with cat power again? but mostly rilo kiley. something about them. i need to read and watch. maybe i'll just do what i want to do and pet the cat in the closest resemblance of peace i can muster?
Lately it feels like my brain is doing this ALL. the. TIME. I'm exhausted.

So instead of letting my mind wander the way Elizabeth did in Eat Pray Love--wait, they're making a movie of it? And Julia Roberts is going to be in it? Quoi??? Ugh. Um yeah, instead of doing that, let me wander around online and catch up on my blogs and everything... Oh! Well I *have* to try this:

::Cinco cosas I'm addicted to::
  1. Being a teen librarian. Sometimes it feels like I have a decent grasp on my profession but other times I feel like I've only barely scratched the surface. So I do what I can to catch up. And I absolutely love it. Most of the time.
  2. Visiting libraries when I travel. I mean, have you *seen* my jumpies? Ha ha.
  3. Watching TV when it's not actually on TV. Whether it's borrowing DVDs from the library (Ugly Betty, The Office, Freaks and Geeks) or letting Hulu do the work (Daily Show, Colbert Report, Dollhouse), there's nothing better than snuggling with husband in the evening and going PLOP.
  4. Sticking to my "non-diet" diet. I'm doing well so far but if I even get slightly distracted, I'm toast. :D
  5. Finding a slash. I'm a librarian, right? Sometimes that doesn't feel like enough. What about "librarian/linguist"? Or "librarian/weaver of non-descript awesomeness." Something!