28 March 2009

Random:: Twitter teachings in YA lit

Remember those books you used to read as a kid about the ghosts of decades past? A book on the 60s would make sure to mention JFK, Twiggy, and the Beatles. The 80s? The Brat Pack, Reaganomics, and Boy George.

Speaking of, what are we calling this decade? We're months away from 2010, which will probably be fashioned after the Roaring Twenties . Will they be the Tantalizing Tens (if the economy magically ameliorates)? Toasty Tens (if global warming continues doing its thang)? And will this current decade be known as the aughts? According to Urban Dictionary-- and we all know they are an impeccable and infallible source, ha ha-- this is so.

But I digress.

This is for the history books / decade celebrations. March of 2009 is, like, the month of Twitter. I'd heard of Twitter as early as 2006 or 2007 and mostly resisted it, until I realized it's chock full of info goodies that any librarian would gasp over. Now, though, it's out of frikkin' proportion. I've heard the words Twitter and tweets in the media as often as audiences woot for Stephen Colbert.

So, behold! Things I would have never, ever, EVER known had it not been for Twitter, thereby not making it the Devil's Spawn.
  • @maureenjohnson. This woman thinks in Twitter status updates. Seriously. Check her out.
  • @mitaliperkins. I've met Mitali so I know how gracious she is. Even better, she posted an awesome Twitter list of YA authors. Much needed!
  • @realjohngreen. He wonders if, now that he has more Twitter friends than Facebook friends, Twitter is taking over. Oh, Real John Green. Yes, gauchos will soon be texting haiku to their Twitter. It's here and not going away.
  • @halseanderson. As I type this, Laurie Halse Anderson is an hour's drive away signing books in Austin. Curses! Had I known about it, I would have made the effort to go. Although now that I know about it and can't do anything, I'm a tad disillusioned.
  • @hopelarson. She loves to tweet about food. So she's talented, adorable, *and* a foodie. Amazing in more ways than one.
  • @rclementmoore. I've heard of the Printz. I've heard of the Pura Belpre. The RITA is relatively new to me. Congrats to Rosemary Clement-Moore, who is a finalist in the YA romance category. RITA is sponsored by the Romance Writers of America, and I'm thrilled that such an organization is keeping track of YA romances!
And oh, we're just getting started! Alas, I have to be logging off. My friend's tweets are encouraging me to take part in Earth hour.