21 March 2009

Road Map:: Small-town Texas

I know.

I know you see the date on these pictures. They were taken in June last year and they're just now going up. I know. I've been trying to spread out the love, keep some pix just in case I go through a dry library spell, but this is just ridiculous.

In any case, here are some pictures of what appears to be a leisurely drive down Texas roads. Though, of course, it wasn't. We were moving from Pennsylvania, this was our second day driving, and we were exhausted. And even then, we stop for library pictures.

Speaking of Pennsylvania, my homegirl from Bethlehem visited me in SA once and said she couldn't take the skyline. There aren't mountains to fill up the view so the sky just looks too big. Well, miluv, here ya go:

She's right. That's a whole lot of sky. But not as threatening as going from Pittsburgh-level sunshine (2 on a scale from 1 to 10) to San Antonio-level sunshine (152 on a scale from 1 to 10).

In any case, on to some small-town Texas libraries.

a) J.B. Nickells Memorial Library
Luling, TX (06.06.08)

b) Tri-Community Library
Prairie Lea, TX (06.06.08)

Do you *see* those summer hours? They're only open twice a week. Wow. Voici my anime trapezoid mouth of alarm.

And the thing is, this was last summer. The climate for libraries is getting worse. My library system is no longer hiring and I feel so fortunate that I was able to sneak in less than a year before this unfortunate decision.