20 February 2008

Road Map:: San Antonio, TX:: Las Palmas Branch


Back home in good ol' San Antonio. I haven't had internet access since Sunday morning. I haven't missed it all that much, but now that I'm online and realizing just how much STUFF I need to get done.... Jeesh.

For various reasons I have not had a chance to make it out to many libraries so far. Here is the library I would have voted at last night, had the voting station not been CLOSED. Boo.

Las Palmas Branch Library

Unlike most of the libraries I write about, this one I actually have a history with. In the ninth grade, I came here to do a group project for Ms. Lew's Biology Class. I specifically remember my crowning achievement of that day. After hours of working on an obnoxious assignment with my friend Leo, I put my head down to rest a bit. Upon close inspection, I immediately fell in love with the patterned floor below me. I exclaimed, rather loudly, "Look at the pretty carpet!" I looked up and Leo was nowhere to be found. Yes. I had been talking-- to myself.

This picture above does not show the carpet I mention. Oh no. The real carpet I wrote a love sonnet to over a decade ago... No picture could possibly do it justice.