11 February 2008

Road Map:: Gettysburg, PA; Frederick, MD; Arlington, VA

Must... sleep...
Must... post...

a) Gettysburg Library (01.02.08)
I know! As in, the Gettysburg. It had been my husband's dream to see the battlegrounds, and mine is always to see yet another cool library. It's win-win.

b) C. Burr Artz Public Library (01.02.08)
Frederick, Maryland

Yes, we drove through the state rather quickly, and this picture is the best we could do in the dark. Believe me, being out there in the freezing wind, it was enough!

c) Shirlington Library (01.02.08)
Arlington, VA

Never one to miss out on having my friends join me in on the library obsession, I took my friend Gina for a special ride in the cold.

We drove through D.C. that night. Had it been a little earlier in the day, I would have loved to check out the Library of Congress. Someday...

Buenas noches, everyone!