08 February 2008

Celebrate! :: Happy (Late) Lunar New Year!


With all the essay-writing going on in my life and catching up I've had to do, I forgot to post about the Chinese New Year yesterday. So here's a recap of the library program I did last year, during the year of the pig.

Check out the gorgeous display that our artistic librarian made!

True/False test on Asian culture! The girl on the right holds the Ringer of Truth with Shape and Noise: a circle and a heart-lifting ping for correct, an "X" and a not-so-graceful "waah" for incorrect. People love the ringer, courtesy of a Toys 'R Us in Japan.

Craft one: decorate a cardstock lantern with your very own Chinese animal zodiac.

Craft two: make an origami piggy face!

And of course there was Guitar Hero, because it's such a time-honored ancient Chinese tradition. Sorta. Kinda. Not really.

Vio-chan wears red, the color of luck, and shakes the sweet lucky pig.

Maybe next year I can do something even better. For now, though, happy year of the rat, everyone! If you're interested in seeing pictures of this year's festivities, view some here.

Now off to finish Capstone. More on this hellish pre-graduation tradition later.