26 February 2008

Road Map:: Orange County and Charlottesville, VA

I have plenty of Texas pictures to post but I still haven't finished posting the ones taken in Virginia recently. Can we say "gorgeous"? I frickin' loved Virginia, and I'm not even going to talk about the BBQ. I didn't think I could be converted until I went to Mel's Cafe in Charlottesville. If you haven't been, take out a loan for the gas, drive there from wherever you're at, and ask for the BBQ sandwich. Once you're there, all's good. The food is cheap and revolutionary. I still dream about it at night.

But on to the beautylicious libraries!

a) Wilderness Branch Library
Orange County, VA (01.03.08)

I love how this second picture makes me look like I have very short legs. It's a nice visual effect.

b) Jefferson-Madison Regional Library - Central
Charlottesville, VA (01.03.08)

Again, we didn't have time to go inside, for fear of getting towed. The outside was quite lovely, though, even with the random screaming dude out on front.

c) Monticello - Home of Thomas Jefferson
Charlottesville, VA (01.03.08)

My husband is quite the Jefferson fanatic, and so this trip was a prize for both of us. He likes TJ, I like libraries. It's win-win. Why wouldn't we go see the home of the poppa of LOC (Library of Congress Classification System)?

While we didn't see any of those salacious bookshelves we wanted to see, it was still one of the most rewarding trips we've taken. For once, I wasn't dragging my husband around to take pictures. He was even more into it than I was.

On a totally random note...


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