26 April 2009

Road Map:: The Bridges (and Libraries) of Allegheny County, Part I

I have this thing about putting up library jumpies (pictures of me in front of libraries in mid-air) in the order they were taken, but I'm *so* far behind, you know? I'm starting to feel like the order just isn't important anymore.

So I'm currently on a trip to the Three Rivers so that Husband-san can defend his PhD proposal. This, of course, means I have time to rekindle old friendships, walk across bridges, and jump in front of libraries. Of course, ne?

One of my best friends took me to Mount Washington for a quick bite overlooking the city. Then I saw a woman with a Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh bag, asked her where she got it, and the rest is predictable.

a) Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh- Mount Washington
Pittsburgh, PA (04.25.09)

Ta-da! The last time I'd been to Mount Washington was two and a half years ago at night. People were dressed to the nines as there was a wedding nearby. One of these days I need to jump in my wedding dress... OMG that's brilliant!