30 November 2008

Road Map:: New York and New Jersey

New York and New Jersey, back to back with the previous entry, except in different order.

This was a time for second chances. Remember the dark and grainy pix of the New York Public Library from the previous trip? I hated them when they were first taken but now I have to say... I'm a fan.

Still here are some of me doing my solo thang.

a) New York Public Library
New York, NY (05.26.08)

Re: second pic
So does my hair look like a duck's butt or what?

b) Brooklyn Public Library: Bushwick Branch
Brooklyn, NY (05.26.08)

A family member of mine lives relatively close to this branch so my husband and I had to come check it out. :D

c) Trenton Free Public Library: Main
Trenton, NJ (05.27.08)

Two very distinct buildings...

d) New Jersey State Library
Trenton, NJ (05.27.08)

We will say that this trip through NJ inspired us to definitely get a GPS...