30 November 2008

Road Map:: New Jersey and New York

And so, now that it's November, it makes sense to wait no longer and post previous jumpy pictures-- these from May of this year.

a) Parsippany Troy Hills Public Library
Parsippany, NJ (05.24.08)

This library was very much closed and the day was almost done but that's never stopped me. I'm so super human even my hand moves at the speed of light. (See second picture).

b) Brooklyn Public Library-- Central Library
Brooklyn, NY (05.25.08)

Man, talk about feeling tiny in front of a ginormous landscape ...

c) Pierpont Morgan Library
New York, NY-- midtown Manhattan (05.26.08)

It's amazing how both ends of this library look so very, very different.

I have many more to post so the commentary here is pretty slim. I'm positive you won't mind...