05 January 2008

Road Map:: New York, NY, and Philadelphia, PA

If I ever stop taking jumpy pictures, I'll be able to get back to reviewing anime and YA lit. But guess what? I got a fevuh and the only prescription is more library.

So here's a slice of our library frolicking in front of the New York Public Library (the one used for the movie Ghostbusters). I don't want to get into a habit of seeking out "celeb libs," since I am quite fond of the smaller library branches. I just couldn't pass up the chance to add to my collection, even on a drizzly New York afternoon. (12.27.2007)

For dramatic effect, I'd love to say that the next picture contains some dude who wanted a piece of the jumpy action. In fact, he is my sister's boyfriend-- a real darling with enough of a sense of humor to not mind being immortalized this way.

The following day, we headed to Philly, where we got a chance to do a drive-by shooting (of my camera) in front of the Independence Branch. It's total Thomas Jefferson territory, as it is close to where he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Rock!

And no, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is not a library, but I couldn't leave without my own homage to Rocky. Da na na music playing in my head and everything.

I promise to give the pictures a rest (I have many more, mua ha ha). There are a few anime that I want to review before my *last* semester begins.