29 December 2007

Road Map:: Christmas Day around Somerset and Bedford, PA

With most of our family and friends far away, what's a couple to do on Christmas Day? Hit the road, obviously, and book it to Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) to visit a close friend. With warmth in our hearts and a longing for more library pizzazz, we took the PA Turnpike-- and each stop for merry picture-taking made the toll more expensive. It was still worthwhile, though, since I can't seem to stop seeking sweet libraries...

Behold the Mary S. Biesecker Public Library in freezing Somerset!

Man, I love creating the illusion of athleticism.

Less than an hour later, we came upon the Bedford County Library in miraculously sunnier and warmer Bedford.

Gracias a mi esposo maravilloso Michael. Learning the exact science of clicking the shutter while I'm in mid-air is no easy feat. Muchos besos, mi amor.

Coming soon:
More adventure! More scheming! More excitement in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York!