07 December 2007

Spotted! :: Twilight tees at cafepress.com

Any loyal Twilight fans out there? I know I am.

I am one of the few out there who didn't become a true Twilightfile until the second book, New Moon. The first was quite fantastic, but I felt that Stephenie took some glorious risks with the second. For fear of revealing spoilers, I can say no more-- although I take any moment I can to be a totally shameless fan girl over it. Shameless.

So imagine my delight when I came across the Cafe Press ode to Twilight; admire the t-shirts and gifts here.

The traveling woman in me has its eye on this international one:
Then again, I'm also rather fond of the umbrella one. They even have it in maternity size!

Oh I could go on and on. I'm not a big spender but I definitely want something along these lines when I grow up.

My all-time favorite Cafe Press shirt, though, is called Baby's Got Book, making reference to Sir Mix-A-Lot's homage to large posteriors. Also, thanks to Looking for Alaska's John Green, for putting up this sweet Jonathan Coulton cover on his MySpace.

When I get this shirt, I will have not only back but book as well. Yeah.