28 July 2008

Road Map:: Bellefonte, Milton, and Hazleton, PA

Hi all. I haven't forgotten about jumpy pictures-- I have dozens more to share!

a) Centre County Library-- Bellefonte
Bellefonte, PA (05.24.08)

To me this is an iconic type of library. Small town, green lawn... I love it!

b) Milton Public Library
Milton, PA (05.24.08)

Stick 'em up! This one used to be a bank and still has the bank vault to show for it. Wouldn't you have loved to go here as a kid and play banks and robbers around books?

c) Hazleton Public Library
Hazleton, PA (05.24.08)

Believe it or not, I remember every library I go to. What sticks out about this one? Well it was closed so we couldn't go in, but I shan't forget how hard it was to get this shot below. It seems like every time we tried to get a picture I almost got run over.

Ah, what I do for jumpy pictures...