27 June 2008

Anaheim ALA '08:: Day Two

Part One:: Morning

So what's happened on my first full day (*GASP*) of my first national library conference (*DOUBLE GASP*)?

Eh. Not much. Whatever. I didn't really realize that there isn't much to do today if you haven't signed up for any pre-conferences. That's fine. After the madness that was trying to get on the right plane yesterday, I figured I deserved some morning down time.

The great part about traveling from Texas to California?

Suddenly you have 2 extra hours that you didn't have before. I woke up early but I got a lotta sleep. Aw yeah.

My discoveries on a day like this?

a) The world sans a bulletin board
Yeah. My roommate cancelled, thoroughly ticking me off. And for security reasons, there is no physical bulletin board here. In other words, I'm stuck not having a roommate. It's lovely to feel free to do as I wish, but not joyous for my credit card.

b) The world sans gumption
I'm friendly when I feel confident, and quiet when not. This is a national conference with all types of librarians. I mean, there are so many personality types here, and most people are here with a group of people. I've been wanting human interaction, but I haven't been all that extroverted just yet.

My suggestions for the conference?

a) We need a forum for attendees to contact other fellow librarians who don't mind reading a billion and a half messages. This morning a librarian was trying to give away a ticket for a tour but didn't know who might want one. A simple post to a message board would have solved that problem. And curses, I really need a roommate. Anyone out there interested in sharing a room with my awesomeness? :D

b) Host a desperate librarians corner somewhere for people who came here by themselves. Or call it a networking table if you don't want to offend. Take me, for instance. Just because I'm quiet doesn't mean I don't want interaction. I want to meet people, but either they're already in a group or loners look really busy reading their conference info packets. Thankfully, I have approached women who look thoroughly bored and gotten some very nice conversations out of it. Note to self. AbsoLUTEly target the bored types.

Other thoughts?
I'm currently blogging from the Anaheim Public Library where I was given an awesome tour by a very friendly teen librarian. I feel good! Although I just realized I haven't had anything to eat since morning. So yeah. I'm off like a library magazine cover. Ta!

Part Two:: Evening

Ah, the adventures just kept on coming.

I have to say I'm so grateful that the YALSA Happy Hour was so uninviting. It was held at this slightly space-challenged bar. It was loud. I didn't really know anyone. I hate paying for majorly marked-up booze. It might have been great fun for some, but for me it sucked. Big time. I left after barely 4 minutes. Thank goodness.

I wandered into the International Relations Orientation, which was pretty much over. It was fate! Looking for something else to do, I stumbled upon the "Many Voices Many Nations" program. It's been the most stellar experience I've had at a library conference. Ever. I couldn't believe it.

See this picture here? That's Sherman Alexie, baby. Me and Sherman. Yeah. We tight.

He's one hilarious and magical dude with nicely shaped fingernails and heartbreaking woven stories. He brought flashes of my husband, my mom, my dad-- everyone who's special to me, in just a few minutes of spoken poetry.

Good times, man.