28 June 2008

Anaheim ALA '08:: Day Three

Part One:: Morning (10am)

Huff... Puff... Ay ay ay... Hijole...

Reporting from the first hour of exhibits at ALA. I'm frikkin' exhausted and the hour ain't even over yet. I was among the first in line by the 2700 stacks, as youth librarians everywhere have been talking about the special edition Twilight book bag. Meaning, I got there an hour before it even opened.

Have you ever seen teen librarians on a war path? Let me tell ya. It's a special, special sight.

I realize that I've collected way too many arcs of authors I've never even heard of. How am I going to get these home? I'm hoping to see Laurie Halse Anderson, Pam Munoz Ryan, and the scrumptious John Green within the next hour or so.

I'm just resting right now, taking a deep breath... And hoping I don't pass out.

Part Two:: Afternoon (12:30 pm)

I'm not even gonna lie. I'm at the hotel room right now. I'm resting and having a grand old time watching VH1. The exhibits sucked the life right outta me.

I'm feeling only slightly less lonely right now. I'm wishing for a bit more energy and a bit more charisma. Just a tad.