09 May 2008

Road Map:: Long tresses and libraries in April

I'm sick today so the creative juices aren't exactly flowing. This entry will be pretty basic and straightforward.

I recently got my hair cut so I could donate it to Locks of Love. I look at these last jumpy pictures of me rocking my hippie mane and can't help but get nostalgic, though the cut barely happened less than a week ago. Le *SIGH*.

Moving on... Here's some luscious libraries.

a) Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: Woods Run
Pittsburgh, PA (04.02.08)

A friend and I stuffed our faces at a nearby diner and I, of course, couldn't leave without getting an appropriate library picture. Yeah. Their teen librarian seems really hip and interesting. Too bad we were only there momentarily.

b) Green Tree Public Library
Pittsburgh, PA (04.12.08)

Tekkoshocon 2008-- the yearly gathering for those enlightened souls into Japanese culture, anime, and manga-- was epic. The crowds! The energy! The creative and rather skimpy outfits!

I worked at the Manga Reading Room of the convention. One of the librarians from the Film and Audio department checked out over 300 manga from the library and attendees were able to read the manga of their choice in the room. I was there on a Saturday, where there were 315 visitors! It was beatific success.

And what does this have to do with Green Tree Public Library, you ask? Ah yes. This library was in the area and oh-so-closed when I got to it. At least I still got the shot.

c) C.C. Mellor Memorial Library
Edgewood, PA (04.27.08)

I visited this one back in December but it's so close to home and I was never really satisfied with the first pictures. Here's Edgewood revisited.

If it looks like I'm sporting flowy M.C. Hammer pants, I'm trying to bring a fad back. That, and I was rediscovering old clothes. These are pants I bought in Thailand and I'm wearing them while they still fit.

Bye bye April. Oh that reminds me of that old Simon & Garfunkel song, "April Come She Will." How does it go? May she will stay... Wait, no. Actually I'm leaving... So I guess the song doesn't apply at all. Oops.

More on my departure-- and more jumpy pictures with my new 'do-- coming soon.