24 April 2008

Randomness:: Now that's what I'm talking about!

I'm at a nice, obviously renovated library in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. Not only does it have great sunlight, functioning Wi-Fi, and tables with electrical outlets (hear that, Panera?), but I just had a sweet conversation with a librarian.

I was curious about
  • the quiet space in the library
  • the available access to the internet on my laptop
  • the person I go to if I have any problems
She really went out of her way to make sure that I knew everything. I thanked her, walked away, but then she flagged me down to tell me something she'd forgotten. In other words, she really cared about my experience as a patron and wanted me to be well-informed.

Then I told her I was in library school and just about finishing up my degree. And she-- get this-- high fived me! Sweetness. What do I keep saying about being supportive of those poor suckers like me working on their MLS?

Be friendly!
Help if you can!
Be made of awesome!

That high five has carried me well into the second hour of being here. I'm all warm and fuzzy and I shall treasure it in my heart as long as I live. Or until I forget and some starry-eyed library student reminds me of what it's like to fight for our right to library.

Okay, so that sentence makes no sense but no matter.

High fives rock!