22 April 2008

Randomness:: I'm famous! Nearly. Almost.

Hallelujah, Matthew Holm!

It looks like my blog post on Babymouse has been noticed by none other than the author/illustrator himself. I know that Aimee Friedman found my blog and commented on my review of her graphic novel Breaking Up-- which was way exciting. Matthew, however, actually posted on his blog.

About me.

Oh yeah.

Lo and behold, his comments about me. Here's my favorite part.


"[I'm] glad she's entering the fray. The country needs more children's/teens' librarians—especially multilingual ones."

Woo. Hoo. To think that he posted this months and months ago and I'm only just now finding it. Thanks to friend and fellow librarian hopeful A. Koehler for telling me she googled me-- which inspired me to google myself, which I rarely ever do.

Y muchísimas gracias a ti tambien, Matthew! Yes, I am living in Pittsburgh but I'm moving back home to Texas shortly. Sorry I missed your fabulous TLA presentation but I'm sure we'll meet at some point.

Oh, and for those of you fascinated by graphic novels, here's a fascinating entry by him.

Y a todos ustedes que leen mi blog, después nos vemos!