21 March 2008

Road Map:: Pittsburgh in the snow: Hazelwood, Squirrel Hill, and Homewood

When I first came to Pittsburgh months ago, I was: (a) petrified, and (b) annoyed. I was positive I'd skid to insanity driving through the snow, and I wasn't overtly interested in coming to a cold and rainy city. Basically, yes, it's the crappy weather that killed my zeal.

Fast forward a few months...

On a snowy Saturday afternoon, I'm willingly driving on snowy afternoons to capture libraries surrounded by white blankety stuff on the ground. I guess you can say I pretty much got the hell over it.

Voila the good libraries of the day!

a) Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh -- Hazelwood (03.08.08)

This one is not your typical library. It's on top of a laundry service hub and some kind of diner faintly reminiscent of a liquor store. (Hey hey!) The entrance was rather nebulous and hard to find. While it was not the most user-friendly library I've been to, it definitely had its charm.

Here I am, jumping on the snowy sidewalk. I don't know what is up with my zigzag posture. I guess I was trying not to slip...

b) Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh -- Squirrel Hill (03.08.08)

I got my CLP library card here last summer! I have also lovingly browsed materials and typed up essays for homework at this wonderful branch. I'm a sucker for Squirrel Hill as it is the most adorable area I've seen in Pennsylvania.

c) Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh -- Homewood (03.08.08)

When I first visited during December 2006, I took a visit with my then-fiance. A girl in her early teens opened the door for us, just on a whim, and proudly declared, "This is the best library in the city!" You can't buy that type of advertising. It was very touching. I couldn't help but be impressed with the teen librarian's spontaneous tour of the library. Thanks for your hospitality, you guys!