26 March 2008

Manga:: Fave characters?

I'm married now but there was a time when I wanted to have at least twelve L babies. Okay, maybe not really. I can say that I wanted to knit a scarf for him, though. Or play Apples to Apples with him. I don't know, something awesome. Something that would make him sit in that mysterious way, with his thumb at his teeth.

Out of curiosity, which five manga characters would you totally bake homemade cookies for? Here's my list:

i) Osaka (Azumanga Daioh) because she's random and so frikkin' adorable
ii) L (DeathNote) so I could see his thought wheels in action
iii) Nodame (Nodame Cantabile) because she loves food and I'd want to hear her say, "Gyabo!"
iv) Natsumi (You're Under Arrest) because of her energy and gluttony
v) Hoshino Hajime (Love Roma) just because he makes me laugh with his independence

I'll throw in Banpei-kun from Ah My Goddess! Sure, he's a robot, but he's loyal and pretty darn cute. Some choc n' chip won't hurt him. Ha ha.

Feel free to comment with your top choices!